Enterprise-Class Business

AstraNetworks ’ comprehensive selection of telecommunication solutions meets the specific needs of large corporations, no matter how many locations or employees.

Multi-million dollar companies can’t afford unreliable communications systems, and without streamlined, always-available collaboration ability, customers will be lost to their competitors. AstraNetworks is here to ensure that your telephone system and conferencing tools are professional grade and always at the ready.


Telephone Systems

Large companies often find themselves trapped by traditional phone systems that cost a fortune to update. But with a flexible, scalable solution from AstraNetworks , you’ll have the ability to upgrade, expand, and be as innovative as your business requirements dictate. Our cloud-based and premise-based systems are configurable to support any type of phone and are engineered to ensure no calls go unanswered.


Conferencing & Collaboration

Staying on track with the multitude of colleagues, customers, and vendors that large businesses rely on in their daily operations is a massive challenge. And sometimes, simple phone calls -- to say nothing of multi-location tele-conferences -- don’t deliver the voice clarity that’s required. AstraNetworks fixes the latter with state-of-the-art cloud- and room-system video & audio conferencing, web collaboration, and instant messaging.

Choose from one of our top-of-the-line Panasonic phone systems that can be installed right in your office building.

  • Panasonic KX-NS 1000 - Enhanced call-handling capabilities. This product offers IP networking scalability, unified communications, wireless capacity, improved speed-dialing and call queueing options, and up to 256 channels.
  • Panasonic KX-NCP 500/1000 - Expandable up to 172 extensions. This model is one of the most economical on the market with loads of accessories and features, including the ability to route calls and forward messages out to mobile devices.
  • Panasonic KX-TDE 100/200/600 - Easily accessible VoIP capabilities. This model includes multiple softphones and an “over-the-internet” protocol for calling that’s hi-tech, less expensive, and lets you make and take phone calls on mobile devices as if they were registered extensions.

When businesses have multiple offices spread across the globe, our cloud-hosted PBX system is the answer for staying connected. So even when your executives are mobile, or remote, our cloud-based telecom capabilities make it seem like they’re in the office next door.

  • OnSIP - If your business is growing steadily and you’re ready to expand your phone system -- but aren’t sure how many extensions you need exactly -- OnSIP is for you. Add phone lines and robust features yourself, from the comfort of your office.
  • Telesphere - The features and functionality of a Telesphere system are what you’d expect from an enterprise-class solution. It unifies your business’s communications with advanced IM, presence settings, web conferencing, and mobile integrations, all at a price-point that won’t break the bank.
  • Zoom - The very first All-In-One video and audio conferencing, webinar, document collaboration, and instant messaging platform includes a host of advanced features including HD video and voice, compatibility with any computer or phone, screen sharing, and much more.
  • Logitech - Doing business with employees, customers, and vendors from around the world is only possible when the imaging equipment is reliable. By partnering with Logitech, we’ve ensured the availability of affordable, high-resolution webcams for our small-business customers.
  • Polycom- This most trusted brand in internet phone systems offers a full range of video conferencing and telepresence systems that enhance communications and collaboration, and empower your teams to reach clients at any time from any device.