Network Services

Tailormade phone and Internet service to improve operating efficiencies and lower costs.

Significant savings and increased bandwidth

Thanks to our partnerships with major traditional telephone and Internet companies like Time Warner Cable and EarthLink, and next generation carriers like Fusion (innovative SIP trunk provider) we’re able to customize solutions for any sized business.


Over-the-Internet SIP Calling

SIP Trunks are a popular alternative to traditional phone company analog lines, aka POTS lines (Plain Old Telephone Service). They’re the lower cost, more flexible way to connect an internet-based phone system to the public phone network with faster speeds and greater bandwidth. AstraNetworks provides the total package for small-, medium- and large-sized companies.


Traditional Analog & Digital Calling

Our telephony options also include standard analog business lines, digital T1 trunks, or the latest high-performing MPLS networks. All calls are guaranteed to be sent along highly reliable circuits that are monitored and maintained 24/7/365 for optimum call quality and voice clarity. High-speed Internet service is also available on DSL or T1 and Cable broadband Ethernet.

Whether you choose a SIP trunk solution or a more traditional solution for your telecommunications needs, AstraNetworks ’ expert, certified engineers provide professional delivery and installation, considerate customer service, and devoted technical support for all aspects of your network.