Conferencing & Collaboration Tools

AstraNetworks helps you stay connected to all your remote stakeholders.

Your web & video communications partner

Teleconferences with your remote workers and clients can be stressful, or even end in outright failure if you don’t have systems in place that ensure everyone can see and hear everyone else. AstraNetworks ’ on-premise or cloud-based solutions for audio & video conferencing, web collaboration, and instant messaging ensure your meetings end in success.


From small spaces to large-scale board rooms

AstraNetworks provides Polycom video conferencing solutions because of their lifelike, dependable, and interoperable capabilities that accommodate meetings big or small. You’ll experience the best voice and video quality AND consume up to 50% less bandwidth than when using other systems.


From simple to complex

AstraNetworks offers you our easy-to-use, all-in-one cloud-enabled meetings platform for video conferencing and group messaging. Plus, screen sharing and document sharing from any device with Zoom -- the fully-integrated, secure, business-class collaboration application.

Quality & Reliability Security & Stability Bandwidth Efficiency
Easy "Click-to-Start" Functionality Connectivity through any Device Instant Document Sharing
Conferencing for up to 25 Locations Customizable & Scalable Broadcasting for up to 1,000 Viewers