Providing tailormade communications solutions with highly-responsive, personalized customer care.

Company Overview

AstraNetworks is a certified Panasonic business phone systems dealer servicing small- and mid-sized companies, large-scale corporations, and nonprofit organizations in the Rochester, NY, area. Our comprehensive suite of telecommunications solutions guarantees your business a professional look and feel, and includes devoted, highly-accessible customer service -- something so often lacking from the traditional telecoms.

By partnering with reputable vendors like Earthlink, Time Warner Cable, Windstream, and Broadvox, we’re able to deliver not only state-of-the-art technology, but a beginning-to-end phone and internet solution that’s dedicated to meeting your business’s needs. We’re a one-stop solution for all your communications objectives, but we don’t consider ourselves merely a solutions provider; our intentions are to become part of your team.

Our Products & Services

From affordable, cutting-edge telephony systems, to customized Internet and phone service and productivity-enhancing accessories, AstraNetworks knows how to give businesses a significant competitive advantage.

Flexible, affordable Panasonic business phone solutions that accommodate traditional analog calling systems, newer digital models, and even internet-based VoIP technology.

AstraNetworks can customize your organization’s phone and Internet services, increase bandwidth and network speeds, and vastly improve your overall operating efficiency.

Moving your phone system to the cloud makes communications easier for your team, gives you simple scalability options, and eliminates the hassle and cost of investing in PBX hardware.

Recommendations, installations, and support… we’re not simply your conferencing services vendor, we act as your web and video communications department.

Headsets, hold-music systems, digital voice recording solutions, you name it. AstraNetworks is Western and Central New York’s preeminent telephony accessories dealer.