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Hosted PBX in the Cloud

Cloud based enterprise telephone system with Panasonic telephones/endpoints with solution designed, installed and supported by Rochester, NY based, AstraNetworks.

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Panasonic VoIP Business Telephone Systems

Gain a Strategic Competitive Advantage in Your Challenging Marketplace - Doing business in a crowded market, especially when competing with large companies, is always trying—but the current economic environment is especially challenging. AstraNetworks is a provider of Panasonic IP-PBX business telephone systems for small and medium size businesses. Our Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions enable employees to work and communicate more efficiently and effectively. Whether you're looking for business phone system solutions to help the mobile manager stay connected with staff and customers, routing customer calls in a call center, or cutting down on communication-related frustration among office staff, the Panasonic IP-PBX telephone system will help you gain a strategic competitive advantage in your industry.

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Panasonic - Hosted PBX in the Cloud

AstraNetworks based in Rochester, NY offers a unique partnership with OnSIP Hosted PBX in the Cloud Service and Panasonic Business Telephones,a complete business telephone system as a service, including telephone numbers, extensions, automated attendants, voice mailbox, etc., delivered via the internet.

Users can make and receive calls from any device, from anywhere (with an internet connection), even a Smartphone or laptop with an SIP extension app. Each user gets one number and one mailbox. No longer do callers have to try many different numbers (office, cell, home office) to track down an employee. One call rings all devices associated with the user.

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Polycom - Video Conferencing with HD Quality – Just Like Being There!

Polycom Video Conference SolutionsA visual presence can give your company the tools it needs to connect, deliver training, conduct interviews, and provide support, regardless of where you're located. With HD quality video and audio from any device, anywhere, it will be like you're across a conference table, not across the country. And, all at a more affordable investment than you may realize.

AstraNetworks offers video conferencing and telepresence systems through Polycom, plus conference and collaboration services from InterCall.

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 Vidtel MeetMe

Vidtel MeetMe is a cloud-based videoconferencing service. With MeetMe, your company can use video for both internal and B2B videoconferencing, and works seamlessly with our Polycom equipment. Vidtel MeetMe works with the SIP and H.323 equipment you may already have, a web browsers using WebRTC (ex. Google Chrome), or other video client like Polycom Real Presence or Cisco Jabber Video, making It easier than ever for your employees, partners, customers, and suppliers to join a face to face video conference any time anywhere.

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Who is AstraNetworks?

AstraNetworks provides comprehensive telecommunications and business telephone solutions for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) and not-for-profit organizations in western and central New York State. Our solutions include phone service, business telephone systems, Internet service, surveillance cameras, as well as communication accessories, such as headsets, voice and conferencing systems, paging system, cabling and wiring, and much more.

What is the Astra Advantage?

What is the advantage of choosing AstraNetworks over other business telephone systems companies? Value! Our customers receive the most technically advanced business phone systems and telecommunications solutions, along with professional planning, implementation, and service and support, at an affordable price. First we'll review your communications needs and challenges, then offer solutions that improve your business performance.